A downloadable game for Android

TW:Icon may be gory if u have a phobia of blood I do not recommend downloading! 

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gen_signed-4.apk 115 MB


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Bro do you have to uninstall gacha cute for this?

chale(I don't know say this in english) all ur mods r only in android, and i am a PC user :(

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Oh, damn it, I really want to play this mod, but I'm a PC player 😔


I want add that with windows Y-Y

Ich mag es, ich liebe die neuen Flügel am meisten. Weiter so

what you saying?


He or she is saying that he liked the mod and especially the new wings but i hoping that it be a bit higher

I am having a art contest if u want to join its on yt

Ohh sure i think but first i’ll see if i am free tomorrow thx for information

np ✨

I like it, love the new wings the most. Keep it up( thats what she'd sayinh


is there a pc one?

no srry

What mod did you use as a base? I have to uninstall some, but I don't know which-

I used gacha club

ok I found it but it said app not installed so is it a 32bits? I'm just wondering 

It's not 32bits srry


It's ok


I don't see  the to download idk how to download it


I fixed it


Peut tu faire un mod 32 bits ?