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Gacha pastel cloud☁ 104 MB


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make a pc version pls


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⚠️ Please do NOT STEAL my OC! Or ELSE i’m going to KILL you with a GUN! And i’m going to BAN/REPORT someone who steals my OC! ⚠️

Stealing means, you don’t respect a person for they’re true way of being kind.

I really love this Gacha mod! But there are only a few items in the mod. And i made a Gacha Life OC! Her name is Kate. And she’s a fluffy Catgirl. I made some screenshots of my Gacha Life OC Kate with the half body and the full body of her.

I download it on my Android phone.

If you want a PC version of this Gacha mod…

Just search for the account “kiwi200”. On itch.io. And you can find the PC version of this Gacha mod.

I haven't said this in long time but, damn this is actually really good :D

Wow, so nice MOD! I love it <3

Hi (●’◡’●)ノ

This is gacha pastel cloud☁

It's gonna release tomorrow at 12:00 pm