A downloadable game

will not have a pc version but feel free to make a pc version urself just credit me

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This game is currently unavailable


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It should be fixed now

Can you fix that @Animechik? We can't download it!

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I cant download it @animechik

I'm not able to download

bc its unavailable

No it's a gacha life mod I seen it on YouTube

So don't hate on it

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Is this a gacha club mod?

I don’t know. But i was waiting for the creator of this Gacha mod to know if it is a Gacha Life mod or a Gacha Club mod.

Is this another Gacha Life mod?

Animechik where's the download button????

Where is the download button????

Stop removing the download button, shitface


Don't call the person a "shitface" just because they removed the download button better yet, it's probably in work.


Damn really had to call them that 💀

There's no download button

Quand le jeu sera t'il disponible ?