A downloadable game

The mod is up again but for all the YouTubers that think it's a gacha heater mod just know I'm new to modding ♥

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pon para pc 


Whoever Made This Game Is a Fucking Bitch


No me gusto U-U

This was probz made by a bitch 😀


por que no hay pa pc :v ?


no doubt that it's a bitc- 🖕🍆

No hay una versión para pc? :

there's no .zip version :)



plz make it for apple devices too 😭

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Lol, there aren’t any Gacha mods on the App Store because Lunime doesen’t allow mods on the App Store and even on the Google Playstore. I was watching a video on YouTube about a GachaTuber named Flotalendy about this.

And also it’s impossible for Gacha mods to install from itch.io on IOS/Apple.

And actually i am not the creator of this Gacha mod.

Oh alright :(

That’s okay. Maybe you should buy an Android phone. Insted of an iPhone or iPad.

pls make a zip

I want a Zip version

I'm a lesbian still haven't tried but imma try to install this

You have to delete original gacha


It won't let me install it :(

You have the original gacha club

this mod is like perfect for the gacha heaters yk 😀


When I try to download it it says "Cancel" and "Update" please can someone tell me how to fix this?

I'm sorry but wtf-

Hey ^^. Sorry to bother but is there a pc version of this mod?

I've never truly tried out this game  but bye

Before starting a war do you be cringe 

What I'm asking is  are u stupid

I'm not saying it is I'm just saying yt community may be wrong even if I'm right idk


It may idk tho but yt may be wrong

No me permite descargarlo 😭


Didn't add anything except new backgrounds, and the things that weren't backgrounds looked horrible.

Very disappointed.

Atleast add pride flags..


I did

idk how to feel abt it… ⍥⃝

Is that the pokémon that come's out of the ground?

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Zip ver?

You know we don't understand that right

? I was asking if there is a Zip file version

shii- I mean sorry I guess bit-🖕

For some reason it's trying to open in Blender lol.
I don't think I can open it in a 3D modelling/animation app haha

Lol for me it wants to open it in flipaclip


it wants me to open it in texting story 💀

LOL THAT HAPPENED WITH ME TOO but it was ibisPant X 😂😂

Lemme download it

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Because I'm on chromebook aka kind of iOS. You can go to terminal and do a couple commands and you will get it. Although because it isn't up to the lasted version(the download link). It really doesn't downloaded.

chromebook is chrome os not ios look it u

I downloaded this.......you shouldn;t get it...

Why so??

Well when I downloaded the hairs where to small alot of things where to small I mean I am bisexualy myself but like it was kind of impossible to make an OC so I unistalled it! also do you know why I cant download any other games without it saying "FORBIDEN"?

Lemme see i need proof

I want to try this app soo much I’m an iOS user🥲🥲🥲


Basically I'm very disappointed bcuz I can't download this, idk why Im using cp and I have Android, so idk what else is wrong, I'm once again fully disappointed bcuz I'm also a part of the LGBT community,and I wanted to try this out. 

I hope you guys have a solution for this, thanks anyways.


pls pls a pc ver


Please a pc ver


Please a PC ver

The waffle house has found its new host

I have no clue what you are saying so if it is offensive I don't care 

is it good or bad??





Theres p0rn bots on this website 

Spamming images of p0rn games💀

It's true


but thankfully, all of them got banned



This website only for boys or-cause I'm lesbi


Ok so?


how would a website be only for males??? like wth does this mean

Can u do a PC version


im straight but im still downloading it bc i heavily support lgbtq+ 


Thats cool bro😃

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