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🌸Gacha anime🌸 109 MB


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mac but i have bluestacks


gépre Miért nincs 

De  nem akraj futni

Hmm.. I can't find any recommendations for this app, please find another app to copy.


This is just gachaverse


This Gacha mod is kinda worst, but i don’t want to make the creator feel hurt that this Gacha mod is the worst.



Lol, this Gacha mod is Gachaverse-

People are not interested about Gachaverse anymore because Lunime didn’t update Gachaverse for the official release many years ago.


Ive been trying to get gachaverse yay


Are you talking to me? I saw a notification on itch.io.




Okay. (ㆁᴗㆁ)°°°


bruh no pcversion the worst mods ever

I love this MOD but why is it canceled?


Everyone is saying it doesn't work when it does this game is only for mobile people not ios or computer etc.

But computer users can run Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is an emulator that allows computer users to run android apps and modifications.

oh then mod got removed but idk how it allowed me to use mod

awwwww cute

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I think it might be canceled?

It canceled

This doesn't work

Please make pc one

what about the pc people?

pc 32bits?

pc 64bits?

32 bit?

this is 64 bit?

Yes I think

It won't let me download it.  it said app not installed

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Do u have gacha vers installed?

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I don't  have gacha vers installed

I think why it was not working properly because I have a 32bit phone idk

what about the pc people? -; I'm already on pc man why does the phone's always get the mods meanwhile I wanted "this" mod

so, um can you tell me why not on pc? :((

use blue stacks! i tried it works <3

32 bits ??